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A Modern Website and a High-Impact SEO Strategy that Succeeded.


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Expertly Designed & Stylish Website

Atomic crafted a website epitomising professionalism, streamlined elegance, and engineered precision for peak conversion, thereby cementing Virtual Internships’ position as a formidable player in the Ed Tech market.


Virtual Internships partnered with Atomic during COVID’s onset, seeking a digital overhaul. As the world embraced virtual experiences, the company aimed to fortify its global standing as a premier online internship provider.

The Challenge

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual Internships grappled with key challenges: their SEO was lacking, leading to reduced visibility in a crowded online market. Their PPC campaigns weren’t converting effectively, and their website missed the contemporary feel vital for 2023 standards. This situation underscored the urgency for a digital revamp. Enhancing their online presence with a fresh, engaging website and optimized digital marketing strategies was essential, especially when virtual internships were becoming increasingly crucial.

The Solution

Atomic orchestrated a holistic digital strategy, revamping the website, integrating third-party systems, and leveraging robust SEO tactics. Through impactful PPC campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads, they propelled Virtual Internships to the top for ‘Online Internships,’ garnering substantial global traffic. Rigorous A/B testing, content optimisation, and enhanced acquisition strategies led to a remarkable 200% YoY traffic surge and an average ROI of 650% across digital campaigns. Implementing 360-degree tracking empowered precise ROI calculation for better campaign budgeting, marking a pivotal digital milestone.

The Results

Year-on-Year increase in traffic
Average ROI across all DM campaigns
2 Months
To elevate their SEO score (AhRefs) from 43% to 95%
95 Score
On Google PageSpeed Insights in 1 month


Position reached on Google Search Page for the term “Online Internship” yielding thousands of traffic globally.


Virtual Internships


"An ROI exceeding several hundred % on PPC campaigns as well as implementation of processes that have made us highly and improved conversion rates."

Jason Kan

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