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Atomic were delighted to launch a new web design project for our partners Crown Hawk Green. Working closely with the client, we created them a brand spanking new site; developing a state-of-the-art theme and integrating a vastly improved user experience.

The client’s main concern with their previous site was that the design and style did a poor job of capturing their identity. Our experts identified several areas which needed improvement, including colour schemes, capture systems & CTA’s. For a prestigious pub like Crown Hawk Green, their website was a number one priority when they reached out to Atomic. It was important the user journey was considered during the design stage and by creating a well-thought-out wireframe, Atomic were able to ensure user experience and conversions worked hand-in-hand whilst developing a stress-free reservation system which integrated nicely within the website.

With every site Atomic develop, SEO is always at the forefront of our minds. By ensuring the correct SEO fundamentals were installed & configured onto the site, we were able to prevent SERPs ranking from being impacted by the migration. The result of this project was colossal, the contemporary website allowed Crown Hawk Green to battle the impact of COVID-19 through an assertive digital presence.


– Our design team ensured social proofing was portrayed to the user which has helped build trust and acted as a great vehicle for people to learn more and attain that comfort level they seek.

– The website branding was on-point, giving a contemporary feel and making the pub a talked-about topic in their local area.

– Our development team made sure customer convenience was at the forefront of their minds during site creation, the result was a painless booking experience.

– Social media platforms were leveraged on the site helping drive traffic between platforms.

– Showcased Crown Hawk Green’s outstanding food with a nifty home page carousel.

– The website was quickly listed on search engines and indexed effortlessly with the SEO fundamentals we put in place.

– Created an amazing communication platform where the company can promote their brick-and-mortar location with ease.

– Aided the company in attracting new staff & potential investors with a modernised site design.

– Developed a platform which has enabled the company’s alternative marketing efforts to commence successfully.

– Offered an affordable solution which enabled the client to propel their business


– Improved user experience, engagement, and built a future-proof website.

– Enhanced conversion rate on the site due to our optimisations & in-depth analysis of the user journey.

– Increased bookings & reservations for Crown Hawk Green following our site development.

– Developed a site with the correct SEO fundamentals in place to allow for successful marketing efforts to take place in the future.

– Crown Hawk Green now has a powerful digital presence which stands out from competitors & communicates their brand value proposition.

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