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The founder of Promote Poynton approached Atomic to design and build an automated, intelligent and easily manageable directory to credibly promote local businesses in that area to a captured target market and high spending demographic groups. It was paramount that the website did not look like just another business directory but instead looked modern, lifestyle-driven and with a contemporary urban aesthetic that communicates the vibrancy of the area. The directory needed to be user friendly and intuitive enough to inspire businesses to buy the service offering – advertising and promoting their business to a ready-made target market who are already well into the sales funnel for local services.

From the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from the client we feel it’s safe to say… ‘Mission Accomplished! From a ‘ground up’ design and build strategy to disrupt a staid and oversubscribed market Atomic constructed, from scratch, a revolutionary digital platform that allows businesses to create public-facing business profiles on a ‘free at point of entry’ tariff-based model. A key aim of the client was to encourage the upscaling of profiles to a paid subscription, where a more engaging customer experience is offered with more selling opportunities to improve the promotion and marketing of their business throughout the site through increased placement across proven high traffic areas.

Taking its usability from the social media paradigm, the bespoke platform allows viewers to review businesses, upload photos, view map, view additional business-specific content and much more ensuring a rich user experience to encourage return visits.


– Successfully launched a contemporary local lifestyle-driven service to challenge a previously outdated market.
– Developed an information-rich and engaging user experience to encourage loyalty and importantly, return visits.
– A client-focused content management system for robust and intuitive content production


– A focussed SEO optimised platform that is ranking locally immediately (Page One for the business name)
– Designed a directory-based website to challenge the historically fatigued format – delivering a visually engaging information-rich user experience.
– Built, project managed and delivered within a client required challenging timeframe – the site needed to be launched within a 4 week lead time.

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Promote Poynton


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