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Nosuga, a subsidiary of Vinumterra, began 2021 with one mission – to enter the global premium Prosecco market this year and build brand awareness of their premium brand in an exponentially growing market – that currently has a global production of over 600 million bottles.

Nosuga knew they had to partner with an expert and innovative Digital Marketing Agency. One that could help them navigate an increasingly and evolving digital marketplace and articulate their premium brand values. They identified and then approached Atomic to design and create an emotive and aesthetic, information-rich website that would act as a core component of their marketing strategy for the Brand’s UK launch back in March 2020.

The brief was to create a website that would articulate the brand and it’s premium values – both visually and literally – a rich and dark colour palette was implemented with accents of gold and high contrast, heritage-inspired typography to strengthen and support the brand values.

From launch, the website continues to be well-received both by Nosuga, and the wider Prosecco and Sparkling Wine market, communicating the Nosuga brand with the premium tone of voice they envisioned at the beginning of the project.


1. Successfully launched Nosuga Premium Prosecco into the global market with an SEO optimised, sophisticatedly beautiful and emotive on-brand website.

2. Designed and built with a strong focus on UI to create a more meaningful and customer-centric journey – whilst communicating core brand values and educating the viewer on the unique qualities of the product.

3. Undertook an aggressive ’startup’ level SEO strategy to launch Nosuga and to provide organic visibility in search engines that startups require to be effective whilst maintaining costs.


1. Consistently positive feedback on the premium branded aesthetics of the website.

2. Designed and built a website with customer-centric values always top-of-mind, allowing an uncluttered and highly-branded, information-rich customer journey throughout the site.

3. Successfully built 40+ high-quality backlinks to underpin the successful SEO strategy and to gain the required organic visibility that burgeoning startups typically need.

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Nosuga Prosecco


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