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Atomic enhanced digital visibility by improving PageSpeed, refining branding, and achieving remarkable SEO and PPC results!


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Atomic revamped MVM’s obsolete website, turning an old-fashioned, lacklustre site into a modern, high-converting powerhouse, while also achieving PageSpeed Optimisation scores over 90.


My Vital Metrics provides cutting-edge body measurement technology, delivering essential insights into body composition, body scanning, resting metabolic rate (RMR), and cardiovascular health.

The Challenge

My Vital Metrics was grappling with a sluggish, outdated website that underperformed in mobile and desktop PageSpeed. The site’s design was misaligned with their brand identity, and there were noticeable gaps in their SEO and PPC strategies. This was hampering their online presence, SEO, and user experience, with mobile load times ranging between 24 to 45 seconds.

The Solution

Atomic Digital Marketing revitalised My Vital Metrics’ online presence. They significantly improved the website’s performance, with mobile PageSpeed jumping from 25 to 97 and desktop from 54 to 96. The mobile load time was reduced remarkably from 24-45 seconds to just 2-3 seconds, enhancing SEO and user experience. Atomic’s efforts extended to realigning the website’s branding, refining SEO and PPC strategies, and providing a detailed data persona report for targeted customer insights. The revamped website now reflects a professional, engaging design in line with My Vital Metrics’ vision, effectively elevating user interaction and ensuring a lasting, successful digital footprint.

The Results

-40 Sec
Reduced mobile loading time by over 40 seconds
Mobile Pagespeed from 25 to 97
Desktop Pagespeed from 54 to 96
Increase in Organic Traffic in First 3 Months

Cutting-Edge SEO to Soar Up Googles Rank

We boosted MVM’s organic traffic by 600% within three months of launching their new website and initiating our SEO campaign.


My Vital Metrics


"Like I said, one of the best supplier relationships I've had the fortune of building."

Owen Hutchins

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