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Introducing Let's Learn English's Brand New Website: A Transformation of Learning Excellence


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Jaw Dropping Design!

Atomic completely rehauled Let’s Learn English’s old site transforming it into a brand new professional looking website for students and schools.


Let’s Learn English, an independent digital publishing company headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK. With over two decades in the industry, they’ve been a trusted partner since 2001. Let’s Learn English stands as a dynamic learning platform, empowering language schools and educational institutions to complement in-class teaching effectively.

The Challenge

Before Atomics’ redesign, Let’s Learn English faced challenges with their outdated design, typography issues, inconsistent branding, and a lack of social proofing. Additionally, stock photos, user experience problems, and responsiveness issues hindered the website’s appeal and trustworthiness. Our user journey audit also identified registration, login, and navigation issues.

Atomics’ redesign aimed to address these challenges and transform Let’s Learn English’s website into a more user-friendly, visually appealing, and trustworthy platform.

The Solution

Atomic underwent several audits to understand Let’s Learn English pain points, this audit helped Atomic understand in detail where Let’s Learn English needed to improve and how. After we had our discussions with the team & LLE, we underwent a vigorous website rehaul ensuring to sooth the pain points raised from our audits.

This in turn produced a beautifully designed new website page, that was more branded towards school and education, we made sure the new visitors immediately see and understand Let’s Learn English objectives and expertise through social proofing. This in addition with the new user experience layout, visitors had a clearer call to action plan, securing conversions.

The Results

Increase in Google Organic sessions within 2 months
Increase on Average Engagement Time within 2 months
Increase in Time on Site Post-Site Launch
Increase in Leads within 2 Months

Astounding SEO Results

Let’s Learn English saw a staggering 288% increase in Orgnic users within 2 months since they partnered with Atomic Digital Marketing.


Let's Learn English


"Atomic approached my needs with professionalism, combined with a friendly approach which made it easy for my to discuss requirements and come up with a plan that made the most of my budget. They have many strings to their marketing bow and so were able to suggest changes and additions to my website that went beyong simple social media marketing, indicating real thought had taken place in planning to make my business a more profitable enterprise. Full marks!"

Angus Savory

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