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Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom


Website Design, Build & Optimisation


Shopify, SEO, HTML, CSS & Adobe CS


Kasayli approached Atomic Digital Marketing in search of a design and build for their freshly made Shopify website.

The home décor brand were hoping to use our agency’s expertise to generate new logos that resonate with their audience as well as develop eye-catching content that seperates themselves from their competitors whilst relaying a homely atmosphere to users when they visit the site.

Atomic diligently worked to create the new hybrid site from the ground up – establishing the core foundation as well as creating an easy flowing site that boosts customer experience and UI.

From their positive response it was safe to say that our partners Kasayli loved the site! Especially adoring the colour scheme and the page layout we developed which generated a professional design – our client was most certainly satisfied from the homely atmosphere the website portrayed.

Atomic also provided our partners Kasayli with thorough consultation and advice, aiding the company in creating a digital domain and growing their digital presence. Through our consultation we were able to bring out their true brand values creating a clear identity for them to communicate


– Improved engagement through enhanced UX/UI design & implementing specific user journeys onto the site.

– Provided a cost effective scalable solution.

– Developed a stand out visual experience for customers to enjoy.


– Created an SEO optimised platform which dramatically improved user experience and conversions for Kasayli Home.

– Built and deployed a website resulting in increased user retention and conversion; whilst generating deliverables within the desired project timeframe.

– Dramatically increased user satisfaction by implementing a slick and modern digital interface.

– Generated consistency between Kasayli Home’s touchpoints and marketing funnels; propelling the business to the next level.

The Results


Kasayli Home


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