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Unveiling Intellegentsia Worldwide's Stunning Website Redesign: Where Brilliance Meets Innovation


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Featuring a sleek, modern design, seamless navigation, and eye-catching visuals, we’ve crafted an online platform that not only looks stunning but functions effortlessly.


Intelligentsia is a global Market Intelligence consultancy with a deep specialisation in Competitor Intelligence. Today Intelligentsia Worldwide provides 360° Market Intelligence to customers around the world.

The Challenge

Before collaborating with Atomic, Intelligentsia Worldwide was wrestling with a website that was failing to retain visitor attention. Despite having valuable content and services, the site’s outdated design, confusing navigation, and lack of interactive features resulted in high bounce rates and low levels of engagement. The website became a digital stumbling block, hindering both customer acquisition and retention. This wasn’t just a minor inconvenience; it was a serious issue that directly impacted the company’s bottom line.

The Solution

Atomic had the absolute pleasure of designing, prototyping and developing a masterpiece of a website that insights intrigue, establishes trust and relays an immersive experience from the second the homepage is loaded. Throughout the site, we established and followed a Jigsaw theme derived from the original logo & used this theme to connect sections, improve flows and develop motion graphics with the end goal of truly highlighting what Intelligentsia do and how they can help businesses.

The Results

3 Months
Development Time Frame
Increase in User Engagement

Dramatically Improved User Engagement

Our intervention at Atomic brought a dramatic turnaround in user engagement for Intelligentsia Worldwide’s website. By overhauling the design to make it sleek and modern, and by streamlining the navigation to be more intuitive, we made the site infinitely more appealing and user-friendly.


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