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Atomic were delighted to launch a brand new web design project for our partners Birmingham First Aid (BFA). Working closely with the client, we revamped their former website, producing a new theme and integrating a vastly improved user experience.

The client’s main concern with the previous site was that the design and style did a poor job of capturing their identity. Our experts identified several areas which needed improvement, including colour scheme, CTA’s and content placement.

Our development team were excited to present BFA’s new web design. Following BFA’s instructions, we designed and presented their content and services in a polished and user-friendly manner. As always, our stylistic focus was to provide an engaging, smooth, and informative online experience.

Post-design, our SEO team implemented SEO fundamentals to ensure that organic traffic growth and good search ranking were in place before launch. Finally, our graphics team completed a logo redesign which clearly represented the client’s brand and services – rounding off a successful design for another happy client.


– Our development team ensured that relevant content was placed across the website to ensure a smooth transition from one piece of information to another.

– We were charged with producing a modern new logo for the company that graphically reflected how Birmingham First Aid supports its consumers as part of the project.

– Completely revamped BFA’s website theme and colour palette, providing a more first-aid green as their theme layout.


– With its great business presentation, we created a sleek, modern, user-friendly website that stimulates organic traffic and a superior user experience.

– To produce a satisfying consumer experience, we used visual effects to optimise on-page experience, which was supported by SEO optimization.

– Improved user experience, engagement, and built a future-proof website.

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